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This trophy was purchased by the Maxinkuckee Yacht Club after the sudden death of James Rodney Todd. Rodney was a loyal member of this yacht club. He served on the race committee for many years and he did this with a smile on his face. He put in many hours of time and energy to help the club flourish. This trophy is to be awarded each year to a member of the yacht club, excluding present officers, who have unselfishly volunteered their time.

1999 Gene Benedict
2000 Dave and Judy Campbell
2001 E. Allen Becker
2002 Lynn & Darren Del Duco
2003 Kitty Schaub
2004 D. Becker/M. Anna Swennumson
2005 James Moss
2006 Carol & John Zeglis
2007 Tom Kniesly
2008 Suzie Jamieson
2009 Jenny Levett
2010 Dave & Jean Franckowiak
2011 Tim Oldham
2012 Sugar Keedy
2013 Ann & Dale Gilmore
2014 Krista & Bill Furry
2015 Dave Franckowiak
2016 Susan Becker
2017 Bill Becker
2018 Dee Meeker
2019 Julie Spencer
2020 Jim Haist
2021 Susan Becker
2022 Gene Benedict, Susan Mikesell and Dave Franckowiak
2023 Francis Ellert

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1952 Marsh Blackburn Hop-Over
1953 Stanley W. Ford Water Wagon
1954 Jerome Zechiel Penny
1955 C. Dale Riggs Don-Al-Lin
1956 Robert E. Hollowell, Jr. Nola II
1957 Robert E. Hollowell, Jr. Nola II
1958 Frederic N. Hord Vigo VI
1959 James Swango, III Jim Jam
1960 T. Louderback Trubble Bubble
1961 Rupert P. Esser Tia Mia
1962 Tom Heckel Oh Heck
1963 Jim & Jay Barger Liki Tiki
1964 Frank Suverkrup Coin Op
1965 Joyce Speer Windjammer
1966 Rupert Esser Tia Mia
1967 Charles F. Roth, Jr. Char Lee
1968 Fritz Muehlhausen Minnie
1969 Peter D. Trone Woodtick II
1970 Steve Speer Windjammer
1971 Jerome Zechiel Penny V
1972 Joe Schaub III Spindrift II
1973 Gene Benedict T-3
1974 Scott Holaday L'Allegro III
1975 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift III
1976 Dave Tucker Boat
1977 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift III
1978 Randy Mann High Hopes
1979 Bruce Holaday L'Allegro III
1980 Suzie Philips Wild Goose
1981 Scott Speer Parker's Booie
1982 Bill Becker Another Toy
1983 Jim Russell Carmel Charger
1984 Jim Russell Carmel Charger
1985 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift IV
1986 Tom Kniesly Meat Hook
1987 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift IV
1988 David Campbell Inventory
1989 Cutter Washburn Gloom
1990 Dave Ready T-53
1991 Gene Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
1992 Merritt Becker Misguided
1993 Merritt Becker Misguided
1994 Bruce Holaday L'Allegro III
1995 Dan Schuller C Ya!
1996 Gene Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
1997 Nelson Becker Loophole III
1998 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift VI
1999 Cutter Washburn Gloom
2000 Gene Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
2001 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift VII
2002 Gene Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
2003 John Zeglis Trivial Pursuit
2004 Gene Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
2005 Steve Schaub Fish
2006 Dave Zeglis Galloping Ghost
2007 Merritt Becker Misguided
2008 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift VIII
2009 Steve Schaub C-Warrior
2010 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift VIII
2011 Dave Franckowiak P.M.F.
2012 John Ducker Just Ducky
2013 Merritt Becker Misguided
2014 Steve Meeker Closing Time
2015 Dave Franckowiak P.M.F.
2016 Brian Barr Damp Dorsum
2017 Brian Barr Damp Dorsum
2018 Adam Meeker Closing Time
2019 Stephen Streets Sun Stroked
2020 Gene Benedict II Hurryin' Hoosier
2021 Brent Ducker FOLLY seven
2022 Brent Ducker
2023 Dave Franckowiak Max Bean

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2003 Greg Hildebrand
2004 Fred Wurster
2005 Tom Story
2006 Jeff Costin
2007 Chip Smitson
2008 Matt Grant
2009 Jim Grant
2010 Chip Smitson
2011 Matt Grant
2012 Bill Becker
2013 Jim Grant
2014 Jim Grant
2015 Jeff Costin
2016 Fred Hillis
2017 Skip Hageboeck
2018 Bruce Wakeland
2019 Bruce Wakeland
2020 Brian Barr
2021 Justin Schaub
2022 Jim Haist
2023 Stephen Streets

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1996 John Becker JB & Water
1997 Debbie & Adam Probst
1998 No Trophy Awarded
1999 Nelson Becker Loophole III
2000 Gene Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
2001 John Ducker C-duction
2002 Jenny Levett O Be Joyful
2003 John Becker JB & Water
2004 Dave Zeglis Galloping Ghost
2005 John Ducker Just Ducky
2006 Steve Meeker Closing Time
2007 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift VIII
2008 John Ducker Just Ducky
2009 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift VIII
2010 John Becker JB & Water
2011 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift VIII
2012 Gene Benedict II Hurryin' Hoosier
2013 Steve Meeker Closing Time
2014 John Becker JB & Water
2015 Dave Franckowiak
2017 Jim Haist
2018 Stuart Becker
2019 Chris Carr
2020 Stuart Becker
2021 Nick Del Duco
2023 Steve Schaub

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1938 Harvey Bradley, Jr. Stymie
1939 Wesley Dunn Flying Colors
1940 Eleanor Winslow Winsi
1941-1945 No Races due to WW II
1946 Robert Hollowell Nola
1947 Perry O'Neal Jeanne A. & Winsi
1948 Walter Griffith Our Girl III
1949 Frederic Hord Vigo V
1950 Ralph Vonnegut Windswept
1951 Richard Russell Gingi
1952 Paul Todd Hot Toddy
1953 Art Baxter Sail Ho
1954 Fred Hanna, Jr. Sailfish
1955 E. Allen Becker Vigo V
1956 Jim Hendricks Sailfish
1957 Tom Sams Sailfish
1958 Alan Riggs Sailfish
1959 Kathy Clyne Sailfish
1960 Ken Bateson Drambuie
1961 Bill Furry Folly IV
1962 Steve Speer Sailfish
1963 John Bateson Drambuie
1964 Howard Ray Vigo VI
1965 Fritz Muehlhausen Skylark
1966 Fritz Muehlhausen Minnie
1967 Bruce Moore Cricket III
1968 Dave Moore Cricket III
1969 Susie Speer Skylark
1970 Mark Baker Skylark
1971 Michele Toeppe Skylark
1972 Susan Campbell Sailfish
1973 Michel Suite Skylark
1974 Bob Philips Wild Goose
1975 Bill Becker Sailfish
1976 Steve Schaub Sailfish
1977 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift III
1978 Skip Hageboeck Force Five
1979 Jenny Johnston Skylark
1980 Adam Probst Sunfish
1981 Jennifer Mann Sunfish
1982 Ted Becker Sunfish
1983 Albert Wurster Hobie
1984 John Becker Another Toy
1985 Kevin Wildes Hobie
1986 Craig Gilley Shadow
1987 Jenny Levett Sunfish
1988 Jason Sturman Sunfish
1989 Adam Hillis Sunfish
1990 Bill Keedy Hobie
1991 Jon Mann High Hopes
1992 Bill Keedy Hobie
1993 Suzy Poor Sunfish
1994 Ashley Paynter Sunfish
1995 Dave Story Sunfish
1996 Ian Gilley JY Optimist
1997 Tom Waddell Sunfish
1998 Sara Schroeder Sunfish
1999 Jim Waddell Sunfish
2000 Gayle Lewallen JY Optimist
2001 Stewart Roberts IV Sunfish
2002 Julia Roberts Sunfish
2003 Holly Roberts Sunfish
2004 Nate Roberts Sunfish
2005 Joe Schaub V Sunfish
2006 Adam Meeker Sunfish
2007 Stuart Becker Sunfish
2008 Chase Costin Optimist
2009 Katie Ducker Sunfish
2010 Bazil Furry Optimist
2011 Jason Becker Sunfish
2012 Justin Schaub C Scow
2013 Jason Schaub C Scow
2023 Nick Del Duco MC Scow

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Skipper's choice

1939 Mary Birch Ingram Stymie
1940 Dorothy Michels Miss Patsy II
1941 Peggy Ward Gale V
1942-1945 No races due to WWII
1946 B. Bradley Stymie
1946 J. Woolett Gale V
1947 Joan Hollowell Nola
1948 Barbara Brandon Our Girl II
1949 Joyce Hollowell Nola II
1950 Cynthia Hendricks Fewd III
1951 Joyce Hollowell Hop-Over
1952 Marnie Sommerville Marnie II
1953 Elsie Ann Dunn Fewd III
1954 Susie Woolett Gale VI
1955 Brent Hord Vigo VI
1956 Joyce Speer Winsi
1957 Marilyn H. Ford Water Wagon
1958 Nancy Baxter Hop-Over
1959 Judy Furry Folly III
1960 Joyce Speer Ruthie
1961 Kris Truman Folly IV
1962 L. Louderback Tadpole
1962 K. Clyne Tadpole
1963 Lana Louderback Tadpole II
1964 Kathy Clyne Penny III
1965 Beverly Suverkrup C Breeze
1966 Mary Anna Becker Folly V
1967 Evelyn Harrell Windjagerin
1968 Susan Furry Folly V
1969 Susie Speer Windjammer
1970 Evelyn Stope Windjagerin
1971 Susie Speer Windjammer
1972 Julie Philips Wild Goose
1973 Twyla Shaffer Char Lee IV
1974 Betsy Schaub Spindrift II
1975 B. Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
1976 Cathy Russell Star-Re
1977 B. Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
1978 Suzie Philips Spindrift III
1979 Linda Mann High Hopes
1980 Susie Russell Carmel Charger
1981 S. and C. Russell Carmel Charger
1982 Jennifer Mann High Hopes
1983 Maria Widerman Parker's Booie
1984 Susie Russell Carmel Charger
1985 Karen Dehne Gloom
1986 Betsy Owens Spindrift IV
1987 Laura Kelly Spindrift IV
1988 Susie Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
1989 Micki Bumbales Another Toy II
1990 Jill Leyda Misguided
1991 Betsy Schaub Folly VI
1992 Jackie Schaub Spindrift V
1993 Cheryl Green Hurryin' Hoosier
1994 Cheryl Green Hurryin' Hoosier
1995 Cathy Chandler Hi Velocity
1996 Susie Hartzell "C"EO
1997 D. Probst Grandma;s Babysitting
1998 Susie Hartzell "C"EO
1999 S. Hartzell & C. Chandler "C"EO
2000 Cheryl Green Hurryin' Hoosier
2001 Julia Roberts T65
2002 Shawna Schaub Fish
2003 Sarah Ducker Hurryin' Hoosier
2004 Shawna Schaub Fish
2005 Julia Roberts Over Easy
2006 Shawna Schaub Fish
2007 Shawna Schaub C-Warrior
2008 Jean Franckowiak P.M.F.
2009 Johanna Ducker Just Ducky
2010 Katie Ducker Just Ducky
2011 Liz Bernstein P.M.F.
2012 Jean Franckowiak Misguided
2013 Liz Bernstein P.M.F.
2014 Jean Franckowiak Misguided
2015 Carly Biddle Closing Time
2016 Dee Meeker Closing Time
2017 Bev Ecker P.M.F.
2018 Liz Bernstein  Spindrift VIII
2019 Susan Wells Hurryin' Hoosier
2020 Liz Schaub Spindrift VIII 
2021 Bev Ecker P.M.F.
2022 Gayle Lewellen Damp Dorsum
2023 Bev Ecker Max Bean

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Skipper's choice

1939 Edward Dunn Flying Colors
1940 Charles Ray, Jr. Vigo V
1941 John Brandon, Jr. Gale V
1942-1945 No Races due to WWII
1946 Walter Griffith Our Girl II
1947 Frederic Hord Vigo V
1948 Harry Lysell Winsi
1949 Jerold Ford Nauti Girl
1950 Paul Todd Sugar
1951 Jack Kitts Gale V
1952 C.D. Riggs Nauti Girl
1953 Douglas Robinson Bianca
1954 David Ford Water Wagon
1955 Robert Baxter Marnie II
1956 Paul Cullom Hop-Over
1957 A. Alex Sommerville Marnie II
1958 James Swango, III Jim Jam
1959 Tom Sams Tia Mia
1960 Norman Bateson Drambuie
1961 Tom Sams Tia Mia
1962 Cutter Washburn Oh Heck
1963 Jim Grund Penny II
1964 Earl Breech Jubilation
1965 C. Washburn Penny & C Breeze
1966 Don Speer Windjammer
1967 E. Allen Becker Folly V
1968 Phil Edgington Cricket III
1969 Phil Edgington Cricket III
1970 Gene Benedict Penny V
1971 Lloyd Williams Gloom
1972 Lloyd Williams Gloom
1972 Dave Washburn Gloom
1973 Greg Easterday Penny V
1974 Jim Childs Folly V
1975 Scott Speer Windjammer II
1976 Scott Speer Windjammer II
1977 Tom Kniesly Spindrift III
1978 Scott Speer Windjammer II
1979 Steve Schaub Spindrift IV
1980 Steve Schaub Spindrift IV
1981 Scott Speer Gloom
1982 Steve Schaub Spindrift IV
1983 Tom Kniesly L'Allegro III
1984 G. Benedict II Hurryin' Hoosier
1985 G. Benedict II Hurryin' Hoosier
1986 Mike Rocap Meat Hook
1987 Mike Rocap Meat Hook
1988 Mike Rocap Meat Hook
1989 Dennis Gilley Audacious
1990 Randy Mann High Hopes
1991 Dennis Gilley Audacious
1992 Dick Swennumson Loophole II
1993 Andy David JB & Water
1995 Andy Schuller C Ya!
1996 Greg Furry JB & Water
1997 Darren Del Duco Gloom
1998 Darren Del Duco Gloom
1999 Dick Swennumson Loophole III
2000 Darren Del Duco Gloom
2001 Brent Ducker C-duction
2002 Darren Del Duco Gloom
2003 Greg Furry JB & Water
2004 Gene Benedict Hurryin' Hoosier
2005 Tony Colalillo Misguided
2006 Justin Schaub
2007 Dave Franckowiak Hurryin' Hoosier
2008 Joe Schaub V Spindrift VIII
2009 Mark Levett JAM
2010 Greg Furry JB & Water
2011 Drew Becker Misguided
2012 Michael Ducker Just Ducky
2013 Joe Schaub IV Spindrift VIII
2014 Mark Levett JAM
2015 Michael Ducker Just Ducky
2016 Michael Ducker Just Ducky
2017 Chris Carr JAM
2018 Nick Del Duco Just Ducky
2019 John Romanus Damp Dorsum
2020 Jason Becker JB & Water
2021 Christopher Mikesell Summer Sled
2022 Hayden Ducker
2023 Hayden Ducker 

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2012: T17 Team Schaub, T23 Dave Franckowiak, T11 Team Levett, 2137 Tanner Grant, 2494 Matt Grant
2013: T11 Megan & Jenny Levett, T17 Justin & Jason Schaub, T23 Dave Franckowiak, T6 Brian Barr, 1817 Fred Hillis, 2137 Zach Grant, 2494 Matt Grant
2014: West Shore Sunset Team: T23 Dave Franckowiak, T96 Steve Schaub, T9 Steve Meeker, T17 Joe Schaub IV, 2519 Jim Grant, 2214 Jeff Costin, 1817 Fred Hillis
2015: 2137 Bill Becker, T34 Merritt & Drew Becker, 2391 Chip Smitson, T6 Brian Barr, 1817 Fred Hillis, T14 John & Jason Becker, T70 John Ducker, T10 Matt Grant, T11 Megan Levett/Jenny Miller 
2016: 2137 Bill Becker, T34 Merritt & Will Becker, 2391 Chip Smitson, T6 Brian Barr, 1817 Fred Hillis, T14 John & Stuart Becker, T70 John Ducker, 2216 Wade McGee, T11 Megan Carr/Jenny Miller, T22 Ed Furry
2017: Gene Benedict II, Pete Lacy, Jim Haist, Megan Carr, John Becker, John Ducker, Joe Schaub IV, Chip Smitson, Skip Hageboeck, Bill Becker
2018: Gene Benedict II,  John Becker, Brian Barr, Steve Meeker, Dave Franckowiak, Steve Schaub, Fred Hillis, Bruce Wakeland, Jeff Costin 
2020: John Becker, Stephen Streets, John Ducker, Stuart Becker, Steve Schaub, Skip Hageboeck, Jason Schaub, Jim Haist, Fred Hillis and Jeff Costin
2021:  T14 John Becker, T6 Brian Barr, T70 John Ducker, T22 Brent Ducker, T34 Team Becker, T9 Adam Meeker, 2214 Jeff Costin, 2137 Bill Becker, 2391 Chip Smitson, 1680 Stephen Streets, 1907 Jim Haist
2022:  T-6 Brian Barr, T-17 Joe Schaub IV, T-117 Jason and Joe V Schaub, T-96 Steve Schaub, T-43 Brent Ducker, T-22 Stuart Becker, 1867 Justin Schaub, 2137 Bill Becker & Nick DelDuco, 2441 Steve Meeker, 1907 Jim Haist, 2391 Chip Smitson, 1817 Fred Hillis
2023: 2214 Jeff Costin, 1867 Justin Schaub, 1680 Stephen Streets, 2334 Bruce Wakeland, 2019 Tim & Hugh Smith, T-23 Dave Franckowiak, T-17 Joe Schaub IV, T-43 Brent Ducker, T-117 Jason Schaub, T-7 Peter Lacy

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